Tropical Cyclone Gita Update - 15 Feb 2018

Tropical Cyclone Gita Update 15th February 2018

By MetService Senior Meteorologist Lisa Murray

Please note: all times listed below are New Zealand local time

At 3pm today, TC Gita was a Category 4 Cyclone (having weakened since yesterday and overnight) with estimated winds of 167km/hr and a central pressure of 950hPa, located over waters about SW of Kadavu, Fiji, (21.5S 175.2E) and moving west at about 15km/hr.

Tropical Cyclone GITA - 14 Feb 2018

Tropical Cyclone Gita

By MetService Senior Meteorologist, Lisa Murray, 14 February 2018

Please note: all times listed below are New Zealand local time


Tropical Cyclone Gita (TC Gita) was named by RSMC Nadi at 5pm on Friday 9th February, located to the west of American Samoa and initially a Category 1 tropical cyclone. Since then, TC Gita has tracked to the south of American Samoa before curving to pass near Niue and then westward directly over Nuku’alofa (southern Tonga), as a Category 4 tropical cyclone. 

What is a heat wave?

by Metservice Meteorologist Claire Flynn

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘heat wave’ bandied about in the news, and perhaps wondered what exactly it means. Does one hot day constitute a heat wave? And how hot is hot? Does New Zealand really get that many heat waves? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about these things, then look no further!

The science of drying - how to be a clothes line ninja

By Meteorologist Tom Adams

Hanging washing on the line may not be the most life-dependant use of MetService forecasts when compared to farming, electricity generation or adventuring into the mountains.  However, significantly more of us do it, and the environmental, economic and health benefits add up. Clothes line and weather forecast users have every right to be proud of their skill and bravery in drying clothes outside in New Zealand’s changeable weather.

Mastering the weather

by Trainee Meteorologist Tahlia Crabtree, and Meteorologist Claire Flynn

This week (August 2017), our forecast room meteorologists have some visitors. Our current group of trainee meteorologists are sitting in on some shifts to get a feel for what real-time forecasting is like day to day. This is part of their training, which began in January 2017, and will finish at the start of next year.