The Year of Slipping Dangerously

With rainfall well above normal this winter, it has been a great time for slips: big ones cutting major road and rail links in Kaikoura and other places and thousands of little ones making small mischief on roads and properties all over the country. Houses in Auckland have been threatened for days by slow moving slips, while, in Milford Sound, tourists watching waterfalls had to sprint to safety when the sound of the rain took on a deeper rumble and tonnes of rocks and trees crashed down on the spot where they had been standing.

Regional Cloudscapes

Clouds. When I’m away from home in various parts of the country I am always interested in the cloudscapes I find there. The thing is that they are often typical of that region and different from other regions. This may seem obvious and trivial, however it is interesting to consider the influences that contribute to the cloudscape and how they work in different atmospheric conditions.

Autumn Colours

By Bob McDavitt, MetService Weather Ambassador
Blogs are a great way to keep up-to-date. From today, several MetService staff will start posting about the weather. Every few days we intend to add something new, commenting on recent weather, or coming weather, or how weather is likely to affect important events, or stories relating to the weather or to places that our job takes us. These posts will generally offer you a chance to share your responses with us all as well, but some of our posts will be coming from shift forecasters who may not always be able to allow responses. . Most of our posts will be shorter than this first one.