Myth-busting Windburn

Written by Wayde Beckman from the Health Sponsorship Council.
February 2011

 “I got windburnt today.”  “My lips feel windburnt.”  It’s something we hear from time to time (and even say ourselves) to explain red, sore, dry skin or lips after being outside.  And in this glorious country of ours, it’s hard to be outside and not feel the sweet caress (or fierce pummeling) of the wind.  But what is windburn?  And can the wind really burn our skin? Feature "Towns & cities" - Past Weather

 "Past Weather" is a feature on our "Towns and Cities" pages and is located on a tab for the relevant location.

This graph shows the elements for Yesterday, the Last 30 Days, as well as Historical Data on a calendar monthly basis.
The data is detailed further upon mouse-over and includes:
- the highest wind gust
- the direction the wind was blowing from
- the highest and lowest air temperatures; and
- rainfall
Here's an example for Auckland Airport for "Yesterday":