With  a superb view over Wellington and the harbour from the MetService building in Kelburn, we're often (and quite appropriately)  treated to some fantastic weather related vistas. Here's a little sample, snapped on Monday 26 October 2009 as a few light showers passed over the city in a northerly flow late afternoon.

Wellington rainbow ___________________________________________

The view here is looking east, and with a clear western horizon behind us the sun angle was just right for some rainbow spotting over the city. The main rainbow, caused by a double refraction and single reflection of sunlight by raindrops, is clearly visible. If you squint hard enough towards the upper left of the image you might just make out the fainter secondary bow (resulting from two reflections of sunlight inside the raindrops). For more information about the technical side of rainbows and how they are formed, head over to the Rainbow article at Wikipedia.