Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston 21 Feb 2016 update

By MetService Communications Meteorologist Lisa Murray

Please note: all times listed in the text below are New Zealand local time

Category 5 Severe Tropical Cyclone (TC) Winston was the strongest category 5 tropical cyclone to make landfall over Fiji. TC Winston made landfall in Viti Levu, Fiji earlier yesterday evening. Prior to landfall the estimated central pressure was 915hPa, with maximum winds near 230km/h.

Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston tracking across FIJI

By MetService meteorologist Emma Blades

All times are in New Zealand local time.


Tropical Cyclone Winston was upgraded to a category five cyclone last night. This morning the centre tracked near to the Fiji Island of Vanua Balavu, where average wind speeds of 185km/h were recorded. Wind speeds even closer to the centre of the cyclone are estimated to average 220km/h, with momentary gusts likely to reach 315km/h.

TC Winston & TC Tatiana Update 13 Feb 2016

By MetService Meteorologist Ciaran Doolin

Please note: all times listed below are New Zealand local time


Tropical Cyclone (TC) Winston was named by RSMC Nadi at 1pm on February 11th, located to the east of Vanuatu.  Since then, TC Winston has tracked south-southeast.

Meanwhile Tropical Cyclone Tatiana was named by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology on February 11th at 7pm, since then TC Tatiana has been moving southeast.