A classic cold front on Sunday 24 April 2016

By meteorologist Emma Blades

As a cold front swept up the North Island on Sunday 24 April 2016 it was like a blanket had lifted leaving blue skies behind. In the classic cold-front scenario, showers usually follow the main rain band. But because the flow was west to southwest behind the front, the South Island was sheltering the North Island from the showers, resulting in clear skies behing the front in this case.

TC Amos forecast to hit Samoa south coast on Sunday

By Meteorologist Emma Blades    All times are in NZST

Current situation

Infrared satellite image of Tropical Cyclone Amos at midday 23 April 2016

TC Amos midday 23 April 2016

TC Amos was located about 95km north-northeast of Wallis Island, or 450km northwest of Apia, Samoa, at 6am 23 April 2016. At that time the central pressure was 965hPa and the sustained winds close to the centre were 148km/h; a category three tropical cyclone.

Women in Meteorology

Celebrating the increased participation of women in meteorology

By Lisa Murray Communication Meteorologist

International Women’s Day is held every year in March and to mark this occasion we want to give a big shout out to all the great women working here at MetService. Since 2001 we have trained 34 women and 30 men to be World Meteorology Organisation (WMO) qualified meteorologists. Twenty years ago the statistics were very different.

Tropical Cyclone Winston loses an eye!

24 Feb 2016 update

By MetService Communications Meteorologist Lisa Murray

Please note: all times listed in the text below are New Zealand local time

Infrared satellite image of Tropical Cyclone Winston at 11.00am today (Wednesday 24thFebruary). Note that the “eye” of the TC can no longer be seen as it is covered by cloud, this happens as the TC becomes less intense.