You may have heard in the news recently about a large group of  icebergs in the ocean south of New Zealand. There is an impressive photo of one of the icebergs here.

MetService launches preview of new website

MetService has released the new version of for preliminary viewing. You can interact with the new site to compare it with the current site, which is still live.

How the Sun moves across the sky

As we approach summer in NZ, the Sun gets higher in the sky and increasingly warms the Earth and the air around us. In the early 1600s Galileo Galilei explained that the Earth goes around the Sun, but there's no reason why we can't discuss the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky, as you see it from a frame of reference fixed to the Earth. Let's do that, and investigate the different ways that the Sun drives our seasons.


As I indicated at the end of the recent post about surface tension, I've started a new thread about the amazing properties of water. This time I'll write about saturation, what it is and what it isn't.

November gale

We've just had some very strong winds over NZ, so I'm writing this short post to give some background to it.

First of all, check out these peak northwesterly wind speeds from the morning of Wednesday 4 November:

A fresh new look for summer - website redesign

MetService is currently working on a brand new – it is being overhauled from top to bottom and is due for the big launch in early December.

This follows a major review where we have considered user feedback, met with user testing groups and had a look at best practice around the world.  The MetService website is one of the most visited in the country and dear to the hearts of Kiwis, we know, so we have made changes carefully.  It has been five years since the last redesign.  We hope you will agree that the designs are a huge improvement in many ways.

Surface tension

Water is an amazing substance. It has many properties that have a big impact on our lives and, I think, are quite useful for us to know about. One of these is the property of surface tension, which water shares with other less prevalent liquids.

The Structure of Highs

After writing two blog posts about lows or depressions, I thought it would be a good idea to also write something about highs or anticyclones. After all, one is just the opposite of the other, isn't it?? Well, in some ways yes, but there are some important differences too.

Wellington Rainbow

With a superb view over Wellington and the harbour from the MetService building in Kelburn, we're often (and quite appropriately) treated to some fantastic weather related vistas. Here's a little sample, snapped on Monday 26 October as a few light showers passed over the city in a northerly flow late afternoon.

Wellington rainbow

The Snow of '39

Ranfurly Shield Rugby in the Snow

Ranfurly Shield Rugby in the Snow. Source: The Weekly News, August 1939