MetService has released the new version of for preliminary viewing. You can interact with the new site to compare it with the current site, which is still live.

View the beta website here:

Although it is not in its final state, this preview gives you the opportunity to have a look around the new site at your leisure and familiarise yourself with the new look and functionality before it replaces the current site.

Things are still being finalised and the preview site is not yet fully functional, so please do not use the new website for any important weather information. MetService’s official weather information continues to be posted at

In this project we reviewed the design of our site to make it easier to find information and to update its overall look and feel to a fresher, more modern interface. We did so after getting lots of feedback from our users and each stage of the process was extensively trialled with user testing groups.

All of the information available on the current site is also available on the new site – the range and type of such content has not been changed under this project, but the way it is presented to you has been. There are also a few new additions to the site, including 10-day forecasts for towns and cities and the addition of more rural regions. We have also optimised pages to ensure they load as fast as possible. is an ever-evolving platform, on which we are planning to make continuous improvements. We’re working on other ideas for new or expanded content following this launch, so keep an eye out for those. is well loved by New Zealanders and is consistently one of the most visited sites in New Zealand (as rated by Nielsen Online), so we’ve made any changes very carefully!

At this stage we are looking to turn the current website off and launch the completed website in early December.

We hope you like the new features and new design. We can be contacted at: