Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit comments?

Anyone is welcome to submit a comment when comments are allowed by the author. We try to post as many comments as we can but can not guarantee every comment will be posted.

Why do the comments I submit not appear immediately?

All submitted comments are reviewed by a moderator before being posted on the blog. This is for your protection and the protection of MetService.

Why has no one replied to my comment?

Replies to comments will be dependant on the workload of the author. In ensuring public safety, the priority of forecasters is first and foremost to produce the forecasts. During periods of severe weather, expect replies to comments to be delayed.

Why do I have to give some personal details when sending in my comments?

We ask you to register to the blog to leave a comment. Next time you would like to comment you use the same log in details.
By registering we will have your contact details on hand in case we may need to clarify your comment or question.
We also feel that this is a show of good faith that you are genuine in the views you have submitted. We will not publish your email address or phone number. Your details will be kept securely, please view our Privacy Policy

How do I contact you?

There is a “contact” button at the very top of the page.