The New MetService Website

Why redesign
We understand that knowing what the weather’s doing helps you plan your day and stay safe when you’re out in the elements.  The website is three years old now, and over that time we’ve added a lot of new content and have made hundreds of tweaks from hundreds of emails that you have sent us. With SO much new content, it was time to stop and review the website to ensure it is clear and easy to use and that it gives us a good platform to move forward from for the next few years – we hope you like it.

Here’s just a sample of the new content we’ve added in the last three years:
•    MetService TV
•    Beach and Surf forecasts
•    Sub-region forecasts for major cities
•    Past Weather
•    Real-time rain radar
•    Hourly forecasts
•    Weather extremes

The list goes on!

We realise the website is an important tool for you and we like to keep things clear and intuitive. The enhancements have had thorough user-testing to ensure everything makes sense to the people using it.

What are the changes?
Severe Weather: You told us that you’d like the severe weather information to be clearer – you want to know when there is a severe weather event in your area and if the warnings that are showing apply to you or not.  Severe Weather information is now located along the top of your screen.  When there is a severe weather event this line will turn red and display the appropriate warnings.  When no severe weather event is in place for your area, the severe weather line will remain a neutral colour.

Bar graphs and line graphs: You also told us that the bar and line graphs could be a bit hard to interpret at first. We now have the same valuable information displayed with icons so it can be viewed and understood at a glance.

Maps and charts: You will notice all maps and charts are now the same size and many of them have increased in size for better viewing.  The toolbar that helps to scroll through the images moves down the page with you, so if you are looking at the deep south, it is easy to use.

An occasion to be social: If you don’t already follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you can see the latest posts on the new Home Page. Soon, you will also be able to share the latest forecast on your Facebook or Twitter account.

New colours and branding: We’ve introduced some new brand colours into the design.  The midnight blue and bright yellow, along with the new logo, will be elements you will see a lot more of over time.  The new logo creates a stronger link with our international business brand; MetraWeather. is a continually evolving website; we are always making tweaks and additions. Your feedback has helped to make the website what it is today and we’re always striving to make the website a fun and interesting site to use – while ensuring the important information you need is there when you need it.

Please have a good look around!

You can view the beta site here:
You can submit feedback here

6 thoughts on “The New MetService Website”

  1. p.s. The concept of having a ‘rating’ system is always a bit flawed from a surfer’s perspective. The rating is affected strongly by wind direction and speed, often reporting a low rating if the wind is strong & onshore. It doesn’t take into account local geography, i.e. a small spit or headland that might protect a spot from onshore wind, but let still let swell wrap in. This is why is better to be able to see the wind speed and direction change over time, like the old line graph, rather than a ‘best forecast conditions’ rating out of 10.

  2. I think its been a bad call to remove the bar/line graph.

    In particular, viewing the Marine&Surf forecast. Previously, it was really easy to find that perfect window, at a glance, where the winds were dropping and the swell peaked. Now I have to click on each individual day to be able to see whether the wind is suitable.

    Sorry to say, but i’ll no longer be using the surf forecast aspect of your website after many years of daily viewing.

  3. You also told us that the bar and line graphs could be a bit hard to interpret at first. We now have the same valuable information displayed with icons so it can be viewed and understood at a glance.

    I have to disagree. The current three day forecast graph on the rural forecasts gives a much better “at a glance” view of predicted temperature and rainfall. It’s much easier to interpret a series of stacked bars than to look a long a row of pretty blue icons and read the numbers underneath them. Temperature doesn’t even feature in the new version!

    The only respect in which the new design is better is in respect of the treatment of windspeed and direction.

    1. I agree absolutely, the new version is not worth looking at. The previous three day graphic provided essential information for busy rural people. Surely the old format could be overlaid on the improvements to wind speed treatment.

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